Friday, July 31, 2009

New Styles Available

5/8" Love and Peace
1/2" Flutterby
5/8" Lady Rose

5/8" Poppies
5/8" Fairy Garden

All styles are available for special order in 5/8" wide, 3/4" wide, or 1" wide martingale or buckle collars.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The Mod Dog will be going on a MUCH NEEDED vacation August 1st-11th. All orders placed after July 28th will not be shipped out until after August 11th. This means that your order will ship 1-10 days after August 11th depending on when the order was placed. I will still be replying to e-mails and convos during this time.

Thank you in advanced for your patience and understanding.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Limited Edition Styles

These are limited edition ribbons from China and Japan. Available for special order in 5/8" wide, 3/4" wide, or 1" wide martingale or buckle collars. The "Crabby Cats" collar can also be made in a 1/2" wide buckle.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Mod Dog of the Month

Name: Bleeker

Age: 9 months old
Breed: miniature schnauzer/beagle mix
More About Bleeker: He was adopted from a rescue foundation in Cincinnati when he was 14 weeks old. Bleeker is a bundle of energy and is very smart. Although, he is normally quiet, he loves to give a big "AAROOOOOOOOOOOOO" (very sing-song) when he's really excited, which is usually when somebody is throwing a tennis ball for him.

Bleekers favorite things: He loves riding on the back of his owner's scooter. Loves running with the big dogs at the dog park and he's thrilled that he's now got a little sister, Nellie Roo. His favorite treats are chicken livers.

Would you like your dog to be "The Mod Dog of the Month" and a chance to win a free collar? Just email a photo of your dog wearing their new collar, along with your dog's name, age, breed, favorite toy, favorite treat, the story of how you got the dog, and any other interesting facts you would like to share to Each month a winner will be choosen and featured on The Mod Dog blog.