Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Mod Dog of the Month

Sorry everyone, I am still so behind on this, so don't think you didn't win if it's been months since you entered.

Name: Tank

Breed: Saint Bernard

Age: 3 Years

Collar: Dino Dog

More About Tank: "I have had him since he was a puppy and he is very laid back and just an all around cool dog. His favorite thing to do is to run while I am on my roller blades and he aspires to one day catch the squirrels in our trees, he spends hours at the bottom of the tree gazing up in all hopes the squirrels will fall." -Kali

Tank's Favorite Things: "His favorite toy is the reason I bought this collar. He carries around a stuffed blue dino all the time, he uses it as a pillow when he sleeps, and he won't set it down for even a minute, he even carries it around when he is outside, just always hugging it and laying on top of it. We all laughed so hard when we put the collar on because it was so adorable to see such a massive dog in such a cute collar. " -Kali

Would you like your dog to be "The Mod Dog of the Month" and a chance to win a free collar? Just email a photo of your dog wearing their new collar, along with your dog's name, age, breed, favorite toy, favorite treat, the story of how you got the dog, and any other interesting facts you would like to share to Each month(or so) a winner will be chosen and featured on The Mod Dog blog.